Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Navigation with no landing page [MOSS 2007 Publishing Site Collection]

You want to create a top nav element with no landing page, but to inlcude sub sites as drop down in the Navigation as in below picture:

Here is how you create navigation for "No Landing Page"

1. From the Home page (Root) create the Sub Sites for the content that goes under the "No Landing Page"
2. From the root, perform Site Settings>Modify Navigation.
3. From the Navigation click on Add Header and give only title ex “No Landing Page” with no link. Click Ok.
4. Stay in the Modify Navigation page. now choose each of the sub sites and Move Down until they cross the "No Lanindg Page". As the nav item crosses the "No Landing Page" the item will be sub indented within the "No Landing Page"
5. Now re-arrange the Navs as you see necessary.

The URL for the items under the "No landing page" remain intact and you still get all the flexibility of MOSS free flow navigation.

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