Thursday, March 24, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Migration


What am I blogging about?

Back in 2007 I did the MOSS 2007 migration with great success, that this year I am back to perform SharePoint 2010 migration, with several Web Applications worth TBs of data with several customizations. I want to use this blog as main page to start capturing major steps and tit-bits of  my findings.  I will try to capture the details in an order so that you can use it as a guidance for your migration.


Whatever I can post here are general information relating to the topic and are provided as general motive of sharing with the community.

Steps in the order

Blow are major steps as I approach and for each I will be including sub activities and detailed blog for each such topic.

  1. Why to migrate to SPS 2010?
  2. Set up your development environments.
    • If you have very simple sites with no customizations, or if you already have your development/test environment then you are covered.
    • Otherwise your step step should be getting your development environments setup for both MOSS 2007 and SPS 2010 platforms.
  3. Simulate your web application(s).
    • If  your web application are running on SSL here is how to implement SSL in development, see my other blog here.
  4. Perform Analysis
  5. Preparation for Migration
  6. Migration Design (Coming soon…)
  7. Migration Implementation(Coming soon…)
  8. Migration Testing(Coming later…)
  9. Deployment(Coming later…)

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