Thursday, April 15, 2010

Implementing workflows using MOSS 2007, Nintex Workflow 2007 and InfoPath Forms 2007


Lately I been busy building workflows using the Nintex Workflows 2007 on MOSS 2007 with InfoPath 2007 forms over Forms server. I have gone through my own share of learning and building some nice integrations. I have also come across several issues as they exist, some have answers some don’t. In the next several days I will be blogging on each of several of my thoughts over design, implementation and runtime related topics as below.  I will enable links as I get chance to post on each of these topics.


  • Design
  • Nintex
    • Best Practices for Nintex
    • Limitation of Nintex
    • What do I like about Nintex?
    • Integrating Nintex with InfoPath
    • Thinks that you will need to watch out while in Nintex Workflow Development.
    • Custom My Workflows web part for Nintex
    • Custom My Workflow Tasks web part for Nintex
    • Links in Nintex Workflow
    • Generating Custom Workflow ID
    • Updating InfoPath data from Nintex
    • Extracting File attachments from InfoPath submissions
    • Implementing Item security for other assets lists/libraries
    • Email links to InfoPath tries to open the form in Rich InfoPath Client as supposed to Browser based form.
  • InfoPath
    • How to exceed InfoPath 5 expression barrier from Rules?
    • How to show InfoPath data for debugging with a trick?
    • How to improve Custom People picker speed?
    • Custom InfoPath footer with version/build information.
    • The quirks in InfoPath over Forms Server.
    • What not to do?
  • SharePoint
    • Workflow timer frequency
    • Save conflict issue
    • How to secure Forms library
    • How to Assets List/Library
  • Implementation
    • Deploying InfoPath Forms
    • Deploying Nintex Workflows
  • Development
    • My Build Process
    • My Build Scripts
    • How to debug?

If you are interested in any of these topics please leave comment and I will blog on them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, i like you blog.

I am also working on Nintex Workflows, but there are few things on which i need your help. If you can write on following topics. I will be very thankful to you.

1) Deploying InfoPath Forms
2) Deploying Nintex Workflows
3) Integrating SharePoint, Nintex and InfoPath

Finally the most importing thing about Nintex is that i am going to create dynamic approval system in State Machine ways.

Customer will submit the names of approvers from infopath and i have to dynamically assign task to approvers if one approvers reject that task then it will start from previous step....

So you can tell me about the solution of above mentioned problem. i will be very thankful to you.