Friday, December 11, 2009

Length of Server name in Windows Server and K2 BlackPoint Configuration


I had installed one my VM with Win 2008, gave a long name, bumped up with DC and added DNS,Web roles. Dropped SQL 2008 and MOSS 2007 all went well. When I tried to Install K2 BlackPerl, the Configuration Manager kept on failing to successfully configure.


Then I noticed that the error message that K2 BlackPerl Configuration Manager log that the server could not be found!!!!!

The log complained this against the SQL Server and Web Server .


Here is the name of my server from Machine Properties:



Here is the name of my Server:


The Name of SQL Server:


Notice that the Win2008DevBoxx64 (4 is missing from the Server name  in the Server Manager and SQL Server above)

Then I went back to K2 BlackPerl Configuration Manager, correct the name  (Win2008DevBoxx6) and deleted the extra character(s) at the end as seen in the SQL Server/Web Server, everything went well.


Then my research lead to this reference on TechNet:

Active Directory Maximum Limits – Scalability (

Under the section “Additional Name Length Limitations"

NetBIOS computer and domain names are limited to 15 characters.

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