Monday, June 22, 2009

Error upgrading Site Directory [SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 Migration]

Issue Background

When you are upgrade a SharePoint 2003 Portal site collection, if you have a sub area that is based on Site Directory template (SPSSITES#0) you might receive an Upgrade Log [WARNING] and an [ERROR] as below:

[SPWebTemplateSequence] [DEBUG] [—date time--]: Template SPSSITES#0: Activating feature a311bf68-c990-4da3-89b3-88989a3d7721 in site with URL "your site dir url", force=False.

[SPWebTemplateSequence] [ERROR] [—date time--]: Template SPSSITES#0: Exception occurred in activating features in site with URL "your site dir url" (SPWeb Id=Your Web GUID, SPSite Id=Your Site Collection GUID). Skipping this site for template upgrade.


This issue will occur if your site directory’s “Sites” has “Content Approval” turned off. If so enable Content Approval “Sites” list then run the Upgrade Job.

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