Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Library/List names conflicts with MOSS Publishing Infrastructure related Library/List names (SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 Migration)[Portal Site collection]

Issue Background

When you Upgrade a SPS 2003 Portal Site Collection, MOSS 2007 will upgrade the Site Collection with MOSS Collaborations Portal Site Template. The Collaboration Portal Site will by default being the Publishing type portal, will have the Office SharePoint Server Publishing feature enabled.


Based on the above feature description, the Publishing feature will pre-create below document libraries to support the Publishing Infrastructure.



If a SPS 2003 Portal Area contains a Document library or List names same as one of the above name, then upon an upgrade you there would think that there would be a name conflict. Instead what the Upgrade Job does is append a numerical count to the name of the coming Lists and Libraries with conflicting names. The names get renamed such as (V2) Documents->(Upgraded to)Documents0 (Zero) , and so on.

So plan on reporting on your V2 library names that may fall under the Publishing related list names. Do not rename the Publishing lib/list names as the Publishing features work for the default names only.

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