Monday, June 29, 2009

Warning of Missing Template SBSBWEB#0 [SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 Migration]

Issue Background

I been performing many Gradual Upgrades in the past year. One issue I noticed during several Portal Site Collection upgrades was that you will see an [WARNING] in your Upgrade log following:

[SPWebTemplateSequence] [WARNING] [---Date and Time ---]Template SPSBWEB#0: Failed to find onet.xml for 'SPSBWEB#0' template: tried 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\Template\SiteTemplates\SPSBWEB\xml\onet.xml'.

[SPWebTemplateSequence] [WARNING] [---Date and Time ---]: Template SPSBWEB#0: Failed to determine the target template version for the 'SPSBWEB#0' template, assuming ''.


[SPManager] [DEBUG] [---Date and Time ---]: NeedsUpgrade [SharePoint Portal Server BucketWeb Template - %LCID%1033 - %GTID%_GLOBAL_#35 - %TMPLID%SPSBWEB#0 Bucket Template.] returned: False.

[SPManager] [DEBUG] [---Date and Time ---]: Skip upgrading [SharePoint Portal Server BucketWeb Template - %LCID%1033 - %GTID%_GLOBAL_#35 - %TMPLID%SPSBWEB#0Bucket Template.

Further you will also notice in the Upgrade Log status that this issue will be counted towards only Warning and Upgrade Status is Successful if there were no other issues encountered.

Issue Analysis

The SPSBWEB#0 is a site definition template for the “Bucket Web” (The /Cx URL addressed based webs particular to SharePoint 2003 Portal Site collection. See my other posting on Bucket Web related posting). In the upgrade scenario the Upgrade Job is looking for the corresponding site definition from the MOSS binary install. From the Upgrade Log, it appears that the folder “SPSBWEB” is missing from 12 hive Site Templates location.

After my investigation it turns out that among several MOSS 2007 installations I have to do in a Gradual Upgrade Mode (with SP2 and post SP hot fixes but before SP3) ranging from Single Server to Large Scale, it appears that the “SPSBWEB” template does not see to have made it to the 12 hive site template folder. I made sure my install source was good and it is. I have also tried both 32x and 64x different sources of installations and they all seem to result with this missing template when installed in a


From one of my old MOSS 2007 single server installed Virtual Machine, I was able to grab the SPSBWEB template folder. ( I don’t quite have recollection of which version this was, if I come across the source I will update this post…) Now go ahead the deploy the original SPSBWEB to your Gradual Update Front End Web Server 12 hive Site Templates folder (You don’t have to update any WebTemps*.xml file, since this is only meant for your Upgrade Job to pick up). Restart IIS and retry your Upgrade Job. This should take care of your Upgrade Job Warning.

Click below to download the SPSBWEB template folder from my SkyDrive.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find out where to get a copy of the SPSBWEB template? I've gone through 3 different install discs and none have that folder after installing regardless of which type of install I choose (gradual, in place, no upgrade).

Rajesh Agadi said...

Hi, I have not had chance to take a shot at this. But I have a copy of the folder that I zipped that I can email you back. Unfortunately blogger does not support file uploads.

Rajesh Agadi said...

Well, finally I was able to embbade my SkyDrive and now you can download the folder. Please see my updated post above.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! that did the trick. Gradual upgrade of my root portal finished 100% no errors this time :).