Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bootable VHD in Windows 7 for Win 2008 R2 x64, SQL 2008, SPS 2010, VS2010, WF4

You can refer to my other post on this effort. Finally I was able to get a bootable VHD under Windows 7. I wanted to share what finally worked for me.

  • With my base bootable image Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, only the Fixed VHD seems to work.
  • The Fixed VHD must be on the local drive, meaning no external connected drives through USB, ESATA (Yes this is possible see my other post).
  • So the above restriction put limit on my maximum size I could apply for my VHD (20GB)
  • Here are some of my recordings of space requirements:
    • Software Space Required
      Windows 2008 R2 x64+IIS 6.7GB
      VS.Net 2010 (C#,Web Dev, SPS Dev) Including all pre-requisites 3.3GB
      SQL Server 2008 2GB
      SPS 2010 2.3GB
  • After all the components installed and ready to go with SPS CA created, I had only about 3.3 GB left.
  • So I think if you are planning for this task, plan for your storage well in advance, I would say at least 25-40GB for the VHD if you can afford the space.
  • When I created the VHD as fixed disk, the install and booting went well. Finally when everything started working, I felt that I been missing my productivity tools where were on my base Windows 7 install.
  • So finally I am ended up going back to my VMware Workstation option, and here are couple of reasons.
    • Microsoft VPC 2007 did not support x64 bit OS.
    • VMWare Workstation 7 supported Windows 2008 x64 bit.

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