Saturday, December 5, 2009

Installing SPD 2007 along with Office 2010 Beta


On my lap top I have Windows 7 x64 installed  and I run MOSS 2007+SQL 2008 (refer my other blog on how I got MOSS 2007 installed and running on my local Windows 7).  Next I went ahead to install Office 2010 x64 Beta as the bits became available. I got in to trouble with Office 2010 install complaining that previous version of Office programs were installed and that I must first uninstall in order to install Office 2010 and pointed to Office SharePoint Designer 2007.  This is documented and discussed issued with Office 2010. Well I still need SPD 2007 in order to work with MOSS 2007.


So I first took chance by first uninstalling SPD 2007  and continued with Office 2010 beta x64 install which worked pretty well.

Now I tried installing the SPD 2007 once again (there is only x86 version of SPD 2007), and it installed well and SPD 2007 is working as expected.

Follow up

On the above success next I am venturing in to installing SharePoint 2010 along side of my MOSS 2007 on my Windows 7 ( I know Microsoft says it is not supported, well MOSS 2007 install did the same until someone figured out why not?) , look for my next blog….

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