Saturday, December 5, 2009

Installing SPS 2010 side by side MOSS 2007


I have gone local with my Windows 7 install running MOSS 2007 (No more VPC/VMWare) on my lap top and I am really happy with it. I wanted to try and see what happens if I tried installing SPS 2010 Beta along side of MOSS 2007 install. I know Microsoft said it is not supported. But just for the kick…

Test results

I followed all the referenced as listed under the References section below to get through the Pre-Requisites which really went with no issues. (I will post my install experience when I finally get successful in another post). To save time of you all reading this post, finally when I got to the point when I ran the SPS 2010 install, this is what I saw…


I am not sure why Microsoft made this restriction but that's where I am being forced to try other option.

Next Steps

There is lot of buzz around the new Windows 7 support to load the VHDs as another bootable mount drive. So I am trying that option next to run the SPS 2010 as separate install and still make use of my Lap Top full potential. Will post my results in my next post….

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    1. Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint Server
  2. MSDN Blog
    1. SharePoint 2010 Pre-Requisites Download Links

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