Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Post Default Services Configuration, Services Fine Tune

This blog is part of Series : Comprehensive SharePoint 2013 Development Environment Installation and Configuration


In the last section we had activate some of the necessary Service Applications. In this section we will find tune the services that some of these Services Applications have installed to be running on appropriate server roles. 


After Default Services are configured via the Farm Configuration Wizard you will see the below Services across the farm.


Desired Services Allocation based on Server Role

At this stage by Farm Role Design we want the services to be configured as below:




Expected Services to be running


Web Applications

    • Claims to Windows Token Service
    • Distributed Cache
    • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Incoming E-Mail
    • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service
    • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application


Central Administration

All Service Applications except the Search

    • Access Database Service 2010
    • App Management Service
    • Business Data Connectivity Service
    • Central Administration
    • Claims to Windows Token Service
    • Distributed Cache
    • Excel Calculation Services
    • Managed Metadata Web Service
    • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service
    • PerformancePoint Service
    • PowerPoint Conversion Service
    • Search Host Controller Service
    • Search Query and Site Settings Service
    • Secure Store Service
    • SharePoint Server Search
    • SQL Server Reporting Services Service
    • User Profile Service
    • User Profile Synchronization Service
    • Visio Graphics Service
    • Word Automation Services
    • Work Management Service



Dedicated Search Service Application

    • Distributed Cache
    • Claims to Windows Token Service
    • Search Host Controller Service
    • Search Query and Site Settings Service
    • SharePoint Server Search


Let's go through the Stop Service process to ensure the Services are allocated on the desired server in the farm, by CA>System Settings>Manage Services on the Server: Below is the final view (Below picture is missing the Claims to Windows Token Service):


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Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
How should I divide the service application between two application servers, with a dedicated search server apart from the two application servers.

I have Two application servers and a search server.